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Letter: N. Tonawanda power outages should warrant an upgrade

N. Tonawanda power outages should warrant an upgrade

The Oct. 31 letter writer, “New York must continue to improve electric system,” has hit the nail on the head. Our electric system must be upgraded and replaced. Technology has evolved at warp speed from keypunch machines to wristwatch computers.

However, technology has failed the residents of a one square mile subdivision known as Wurlitzer Park in North Tonawanda. We have had continuous power outages since 1980, resulting in loss of appliances, TVs, flooded basements.

Meetings with elected officials and power company representatives have not come up with a definitive solution to this continual problem. Reasons for outages: trees impeding service, squirrels on the lines and cars hitting poles.

When the transformer blows in my backyard, there is no car, no squirrels or trees causing this outage. A backup system for sump pumps is a must and many homeowners have given up and have whole-house generators rather than put up with these outages.

The power company reimburses for damages. We pay high electric bills but we cannot get a definitive answer/solution as to why we have continual outages over the past 37 years. A root cause analysis must be done.

Other parts of North Tonawanda (and Western New York) never lose power like this. Poles have been replaced and lines upgraded but to no avail. National Grid has been working with me the past six months and I have been told that we have an old infrastructure.

Unless the problems can be resolved and upgraded, we will continue to live in the dark.

Cathy Kern

North Tonawanda

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