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Letter: Advertising, entertainment promote sexual exploitation

Advertising, entertainment promote sexual exploitation

With all the talk of sexual harassment and sexual predators, does anyone feel, as I do, that advertisers have used sexual exploitation to sell products? I also wonder if over time this selling gimmick has manifested itself into an unhealthy attitude on the part of males towards females insomuch as they categorize women in a sexual manner?   

I am not attempting to justify this criminal behavior. But instead focus a healthy discussion on the advertising industry and the entertainment industry in the hopes of raising awareness of how the human perception can be jaded and degraded by misguided stimulus.   

I feel the same way about the amount of violence depicted on TV and in the movies. The Wild West mentality on the streets of our cities is concrete proof that what “some” people see is also what they do.

I think it’s time for the advertising and entertainment industries to embrace parent and teacher groups in frank discussions on how to address these issues and what long-term solutions are needed.

Joseph Allen


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