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See who's running for Hamburg highway superintendent, Town Board

There is a rematch in the Hamburg highway superintendent race this year, and voters have more choices than usual for Town Board members.

Here's a primer on the candidates based on their responses to a questionnaire and financial disclosure reports filed with the state Board of Elections.

Highway Superintendent

Tom Best Sr., 73, incumbent highway superintendent, retired Hamburg police captain, former town councilman and Frontier School Board member.

Running on Republican, Conservative, Independence, Reform party ballot lines.

Tom Best Sr.


Maintaining infrastructure and roads.

Initiatives planned:

Reduce road paving cycle from 20 to 25 years to a 12- to 13-year cycle.

Reduce life span of plows from 16 to 17 years to 12- to 13-year cycle.

Continue to renovate and upgrade all playgrounds and equipment.

Campaign finances: Raised $27,884, spent: $33,316

"Since elected to this position I have dedicated 100 percent of my work efforts to the Town of Hamburg Highway Department. I do not and will not work outside of this position. Any individual elected to this position from the private sector would cost the taxpayers of the Town of Hamburg an additional $48,000 in benefits. This equates close to a 2 percent tax increase over a four-year period." (Best receives health care and benefits from the town as a retired Hamburg police officer.)


Ted Casey, 51, safety, environmental and health innovation leader for Siemens Corp. and Hamburg traffic safety coordinator.

Running on Democrat, Green, Working Families, Women's Equality party ballot lines.


The quality of roads and parks have not met the expectations of residents.

Lack of response to the November 2014 storm showed the failings of the current highway superintendent.

Long-term elected officials who play partisan politics and don't work as a team with their peers.

Initiatives planned:

Establish best practices for snow removal and storm readiness and improved road maintenance rotation schedule.

Work with other department heads to consolidate costs associated with town vehicles.

Improve community and worker safety and seek green initiatives.

ampaign finances: Raised $7,608, spent $2,084

"I have demonstrated proven leadership and have the education and experience in a career focused on safety and process innovation. I have 25 years experience in worker safety and management along with a master's degree in safety and environmental studies. I have also consulted for numerous municipalities including our own Highway Department."

Next year the number of councilmen will increase from two to four, and there are six people running for three open seats on the board. There are no incumbents running, so with the election of three councilmen and a new supervisor, there will be four new members on Hamburg's newly reconstituted five-member Town Board. And control the town board, which has had a Democratic edge for four years, is up for grabs.

Town Board

Four-year term: Vote for two:

Beth Farrell

Beth Farrell, 57,  Lake Shore School District counselor

Running on Republican, Conservative, Independence, Reform party ballot lines.


The ongoing challenge of keeping taxes under control while maintaining services and programming

Insuring responsible development that contributes to a solid financial base for the future.

"I have utilized my training in community mediation in a wide range of often difficult situations to facilitate positive outcomes. My professional experiences in counseling, education, administration and banking have honed my skills in communication, collaboration, and problem solving. Throughout my career I have worked collaboratively with divergent groups to arrive at positive and supported results."

Campaign finances: Raised $10,725, spent: $8,983


Laura Palisano Hackathorn, 56,  Hamburg village trustee and owner of What a Woman Wants boutique

Laura Palisano Hackathorn

Running on Democrat, Green, Working Families and Women's Equality party ballot lines.


Lack of experience on the board in 2018, with four new members.

Lack of trust, respectful teamwork and civility between leaders which hinders forward momentum and progress and wastes opportunities.

How to ensure thoughtful planning find a balance between between growth and quality of life.

Campaign finances: Raised $10,713, spent: $4,005

"The quality that distinguishes me from my  challengers is my municipal experience gained through my work on the Village of Hamburg Board since 2004....My goal is to foster good relationships with all town employees, including elected officials, regardless of political affiliation, to improve efficiency in attaining community goals."


Mike Petrie

Mike Petrie, 47, Blasdell mayor and owner of Petrie's Ceramic Tile

Running on Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform party ballot lines.


Spending, quality of life and town playgrounds

Campaign finances: Raised $4,775, spent: $1,672

"I believe my experience as mayor of the Village of Blasdell speaks loudly for my candidacy. Some people look for a title or position and do not do the job. If elected I plan on doing the job."




Cheryl Potter-Juda, 57,  retired teacher and former Town Board member

Cheryl Potter-Juda

Running on Democrat, Green, Women's Equality party ballot lines


Get taxes under control.

Affordable activities for children and seniors.

Bring civility back to local government.

Campaign finances: Raised $5,967, spent: $2,305

"My experience as a teacher and NYSUT member for 31 years, a mother raising two daughters and previously serving as councilwoman on three-person board have prepared me for this position. I know how it works and how to eliminate wasteful spending. I am retired and have the time and energy to improve the quality of life in the Town of Hamburg."


Two-year term, vote for one:

Matthew Kibler

Matthew J. Kibler, 34, attorney and partner with Feldman Kieffer, former Holland Central School Board member

Running on Democrat, Working Families,Women's Equality party ballot lines.


Many issues relate to accountability and transparency in government.

Ensuring the Town Board listens to concerns of the community and is responsive to the needs of all residents.

Campaign finances: Raised $11,707, spent $2,510

"I believe I can bring a fresh face to the Town of Hamburg with the right experience. As a litigator, I have to evaluate all sides of an issue before making any decision, and will bring that experience to our town."




Michael Mosey

Michael Mosey, 53, regional manager for Magic White USA and business consultant

Running on Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform party ballot lines.


Rising taxes and reduced services

Opioid epidemic

Campaign finances: Raised $6,257, spent: $2,978

"I own my home and have a family business in Hamburg, so I know that tax burden homeowners and businesses carry. I have always been active in the Hamburg community as a coach of youth sports, a teacher, a lifeguard and currently an active member of the National Ski Patrol."







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