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Letter: Those voting ‘no’ want to preserve status quo

Those voting ‘no’ want to preserve status quo

The best argument for a constitutional convention is to just take a look at who opposes it. Unions, especially government employee unions, are vehemently against it. The three “vote no” signs on my street are all government employee households.

New York State is arguably the most corrupt state in America. We have a chance to change that, from term limits to back-scratching campaign “contributions.”

The people saying no are the ones who directly benefit from this corruption. Why would people want to preserve a rotten status quo? Because it is rigged in their favor.

As for the cost, even $100 million is less than 0.1 percent of the state’s annual budget. Slowing, not stopping, corruption and spending will save that alone.

The money could be spent on more important needs, such as health care, education, infrastructure and prosecuting government criminals.

James J. Timpanaro

U.S. Army veteran


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