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Letter: Tax plan enriches wealthy at the expense of the rest

Tax plan enriches wealthy at the expense of the rest

Government of, by and for the people is out. Government of, by and for the government is in. Its proof is in many areas, the proposed tax “reform” is just one of them. Simply stated, it is a ludicrous plan to enrich the rich at the expense of all of us taxpaying citizens, except, of course, the recipients of this unwarranted largess.

The world is full of tensions and suspicions, most created by our deranged “leader” and his sycophantic Republican cronies who are too blind to see how they’re being led to the slaughter. We are not great again and will never be great again unless we get back in sync with the way the world works.

In 10 short months we’ve managed to alienate several world leaders, come close to spawning an armed conflict with North Korea, going as far as to tell Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to cease meaningful negotiations, and set in motion discord and divisiveness within our country not seen since the Vietnam War debacle. If change were ever warranted, it is now.

Scott H. Patterson


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