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Letter: Refusal to enforce the law should disqualify Howard

Refusal to enforce the law should disqualify Howard

Never mind that 22 people have died while under his supervision of the Erie County Sheriff’s Department. And that many of those deaths were reported in “evasive terms” to avoid investigation by state agencies. A statistic so appalling that it’s been covered by national media.

Never mind that he showed up at a Trump rally in full sheriff regalia. I don’t care about the man’s politics, and if he wants to support this president, that’s his business. But showing up as a speaker in a uniform that represents everyone in Erie County was inappropriate.

Never mind that he didn’t participate in a long-standing St. Joe’s Collegiate Institute tradition to debate former Buffalo FBI director and sheriff candidate, Bernie Tolbert.

What voters should be most mindful of on Election Day, and what should have denied him a second term, was to publicly refuse to enforce the law. That’s right, an elected law enforcement “professional” literally refused to enforce the law; his sworn duty and responsibility to the constituents who elected him to his position as sheriff.

Whether the SAFE Act is a good law or not is not the issue. Refusing to enforce it, and saying that publicly, is dereliction of duty. Tim Howard needs to go.

Jeff Bean

West Seneca

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