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Letter: Howard’s tenure has been a disaster for Erie County

Howard’s tenure has been a disaster for Erie County

It appears that Sheriff Tim Howard has decided that the best way for him to be re-elected is to run the ultimate smear campaign against his opponent. Night after night, TV viewers get to see a sleazy black-and-white commercial, accusing Bernie Tolbert of saying something long ago. It strikes me as the ultimate hypocrisy to make an issue out of something not even in the same ballpark of offensiveness exhibited by our current U.S. president, whom Howard apparently supports.

Howard’s tenure has been a disaster for Erie County. Quoting Bruce Fisher’s excellent Oct. 11 article in the Public: “Tim Howard has made public statements that indicate that he thinks that he, as the elected Erie County sheriff, has legal authority above that of legislators, the New York State governor, Congress, and the Supreme Court of the United States.” Or as Jean Dickson wrote in her Oct. 24 Another Voice: “While the most grievous effects of Sheriff Timothy B. Howard’s administration are the loss of lives in the Holding Center and the Correctional Facility, there have also been tremendous financial costs to the taxpayers of Erie County.”

I think that Howard is counting on his opposition to the SAFE Act and the support of the NRA to get him elected once again, in spite of his complete lack of competent leadership and the harm he has done as sheriff.

We citizens have an excellent alternative, Bernie Tolbert, endorsed by The News, but we can only oust Howard if we get out the vote.

John Rex


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