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Letter: Glushefski well-qualified to be county comptroller

Glushefski well-qualified to be county comptroller

Did The News editorial board read its own endorsement for Erie County comptroller? The incumbent, Stefan Mychajliw, “hasn’t been a particularly good comptroller.” He “generally seemed as though he were in over his head.” He “continues to deny [a] transparent conflict of interest.” The board has “some misgivings.” He “has to make some improvements.” You think?

His opponent, Vanessa Glushefski, “is well qualified for the position.” She is “a certified public accountant and a lawyer” who “could quickly assume the responsibilities of the office.” Yet the board is concerned that her broad appeal within the Democratic Party might put her “under significant pressure.”

Tell me, which is more likely: that the incumbent would miss discovering $900,000 in overbillings, or that the challenger would discover something in an audit and fail to report it? We need a professional in the job. Don’t sell Glushefski short on ethics or integrity.

Bob Anderson


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