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Letter: Glushefski is far superior, deserved the endorsement

Glushefski is far superior, deserved the endorsement

The News made a big mistake in its endorsement for Erie County Comptroller.

Vanessa Glushefski is the best choice, and is an extraordinarily qualified candidate. She is a certified public accountant, so she is trained in accounting and finance. She is also an attorney, so she knows the laws and the ethical obligations of the position. She is a professional. She is a woman.

According to an Oct. 27 editorial, Stefan Mychajliw is none of the above. The News found that he has not performed well in his position, and has committed an ethical lapse. Conversely, The News stated that Glushefski was well qualified, professional and “would quickly assume the responsibility of the office.” She also promised to be independent in her duties and judgment.

Yet The News failed to endorse Glushefski. Its logic is weak and incoherent. It touts one candidate (Glushefski) but endorses the weaker candidate (Mychajliw), and excuses this obvious inconsistency by the purported need for political “balance” in our elected offices. But given the glaring and obvious need for both more women in elected positions, and more truly competent politicians, the “imbalance” here to be rectified is one of gender and competence.

Glushefski is the better candidate and should have won The News’ endorsement.

Barbara L. Schifeling, Esq.


Jane F. Griffin, Ph.D.


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