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Letter: Constitutional convention poses risks, wastes money

Constitutional convention poses risks, wastes money

The big lie: We need a constitutional convention to clean up Albany. Proponents claim the only way to change crony career politicians is to overhaul New York with a convention, but these proponents fail to admit four of five Albany insiders and career politicians will be convention delegates. During the last convention, every career politician who ran for a delegate seat won that seat. Ergo, the convention cost taxpayers millions of dollars and created problems New York State has today. Furthermore, since conventions have no timeline, taxpayers pay delegates until the job is done, which means they earn even more money for doing the very job they’re paid to do.

Oddly, when citizens vote for a constitutional convention, they vote against their rights. The constitution protects voting rights, yet those same rights could be eliminated and put into the hands of a small number of politicians. Anyway, we already have paths to change the constitution called amendments. Ironically, we’ll be voting on amendments to stop cronies from receiving undeserved retirement money the very day we vote on the convention. From laws affecting the Adirondacks to the Second Amendment to labor pensions, amendments solve all the issues a constitutional convention attempts to, and for a lot less taxpayer money. On Nov. 7, vote no.

Chris Cummins

Orchard Park

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