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Voters oppose ConCon but favor pension forfeiture for felons, Siena poll finds

A new Siena College Poll found that a majority of likely voters will vote "no" on the Constitutional Convention proposal next week – by a wide margin of 57 to 25 percent.

The survey also found a similar margin – 60 to 29 percent – of likely voters say ConCon would "be an expensive waste of time," rather than a "once in a generation opportunity to bring our State Constitution into the 21st Century," according to a new Siena College Poll of likely 2017 New York State voters released today.

The Constitutional Convention is one of three proposed amendments on Tuesday's ballot.

Siena pollsters also found "overwhelming support" – 82 to 14 percent – for pension forfeiture for public officers convicted of felonies related to their official duties.

Question facing voters: Should corrupt public officials be stripped of pensions?

An amendment related to a land bank for the Adirondacks and Catskills was supported 46 to 35 percent.

The Siena pollsters expect light voter turnout Tuesday.

"In 2013, fewer than one in three registered New York voters cast their ballots. So, the decision of whether or not New York should hold a Constitutional Convention in 2019 will likely be decided by a small minority of New Yorkers – those who both vote in Tuesday’s election, and remember to flip the ballot to the back to vote on ConCon,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg.

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