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Tyrod Watch: Passing heat map update for Bills' QB through seven games

Against the Raiders, Tyrod Taylor had his second game of the 2017 season with a completion percentage over 70.

He completed two of four passes for 58 yards on throws to the right beyond 20 yards, good for a passer rating of 95.8. Taylor misfired on both of his throws between 10 and 19 yards to the right, which equated to a rating of 39.6, his lowest at any location on the field against the Raiders.

From 0 to 9 yards to the left, middle and right portions of the field, Taylor completed 11 of 11 passes for 65 yards and a 91.2 passer rating.

Here's how the Bills quarterback has performed as a passer after seven games in 2017.

Tyrod Taylor passing heat map through seven games

(Bills stats courtesy of Pro Football Focus)

Taylor continues his underrated season on deep passes. He's completed 12 of 31 throws made 20 or more yards down field for 358 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. Counting two drops on those throws, his adjusted completion percentage deep is currently 45.2 percent, the fifth-highest figure among the 20 quarterbacks who've attempted at least 25 "downfield" passes in 2017.

His 90.5 passer rating on deep throws is the 15th-best in football among 35 qualifying quarterbacks.

From 0 yards to 19 yards beyond the line of scrimmage, Taylor has completed 68.9 percent of his passes, for 834 yards (7.0 yards per attempt) with six touchdowns and one interception. The passer rating there? 102.

Not pictured in the heat map are Taylor's under pressure statistics. Heading into Week Nine, he owns the NFL's fourth-highest passer rating while being pressured (88.1) and the fourth-highest adjusted completion percentage in those situations (71.2).

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