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Letter: Voters should remove scandal-ridden sheriff

Voters should remove scandal-ridden sheriff

Sadly, I think there is only a slim chance that Tim Howard will be voted out of office next week. Perhaps it is just plain apathy on the part of the voters, because surely he would not be running for a third term based on his record. His tenure as sheriff of Erie County has been disgraceful.

How many lives must be lost due to his incompetence? Remember the Ralph Phillips fiasco? Remember the three state troopers who were shot trying to apprehend Phillips, one of whom died? Remember Corrections Officer David Padilla, who lost his job because Howard had to blame somebody for his own incompetence? Aside from the lives lost, the search for Phillips and the settlement to Padilla (who did get his job back years later) cost the taxpayers millions of dollars, and untold hardship and heartache to the victims’ families.

Howard’s stint working security for a bank during his regular working hours was just arrogance on his part. The loss of life of inmates under his watch is deplorable. Discriminatory practices and a lack of transparency have been rampant under his leadership. If voters think failure to be in compliance with state directives, inmates’ deaths, abuse of work time and blatant lack of transparency are no big deal, shame on them.

The law-abiding, taxpaying residents of Erie County deserve the area’s “top cop” to be an honorable man who respects all of the citizens he serves.

Rosie Evans


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