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Letter: Trump set the standard regarding lack of respect

Trump set the standard regarding lack of respect

A letter in the Oct. 27 edition of The News, stating that we have hit bottom with respect to a cartoon showing President Trump standing in front of a casket with a golf club behind him, makes me wonder what the writer has been seeing in the news. The cartoon was accurate, since Trump was golfing and doing “other things” (his favorite phrase) instead of calling the families of the four Green Berets killed in Niger. That is not disrespecting Trump; it’s calling attention to the sloppy way he performs his duties as president.

The lack of respect started when Trump, on the campaign trail, made fun of a handicapped person, called a war hero “not a hero” because he was captured and used insulting nicknames for his opponents and Hillary Clinton. Trump is the one who has lowered our standards when it comes to respect, not the media. The media only reports what is happening, and if it shows Trump in a bad light, that’s his fault, not theirs.

David R. Battaglia


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