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John Murphy Show: Brandon Beane on Kelvin Benjamin: 'even when he's covered, throw him the rock'

Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane joined Donald Jones and Steve Tasker (in place of John Murphy) on WGR-550 AM on Wednesday.

Beane broke down what precipitated the trade for Kelvin Benjamin, what Beane likes about Benjamin's game, Benjamin's fit in the locker room and how the former Florida State receiver fits in Buffalo — including whether Benjamin can play Thursday night. Beane finished discussing the machinations of the Marcell Dareus trade and his eventual move to Jacksonville.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News spoke on the upcoming Bills-Jets game, the Jets' plans for the 2017 season and beyond, and how the matchup between Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy needs to be the Jets' focus.

Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas also joined Jones and Tasker, and he talked about the trade for Kelvin Benjamin, how that helps the run game, as well as how the trades around the league affect the Bills. Thomas and Tasker also talked about the first touchdown Tasker scored and the joy that was mirrored in the Brandon Tate celebration.

Former Bills quarterback and Hall of Famer Jim Kelly rounded out the guests, coming in to chat about his "A Football Life: Jim Kelly" coming up on the NFL Network. Kelly talked about the genesis of the project, his joy at having his old teammates and influential figures featured on the show, the return of discipline to the team, whether or not Kelly and Tasker get tired of talking about the old days, and what Kelly thinks of the 5-2 Bills.


John Murphy Show — Nov. 1, 2017


Donald Jones on the routes run under Chan Gailey: "All the other receivers had to know the exact routes, but Stevie just had [Ryan Fitzpatrick's] signals."

Steve Tasker on Beane and McDermott in year one: "They're ahead of schedule in my opinion."

Steve Tasker: "They've gone from 'tank' to 'terrific' in just a few weeks."

Brandon Beane on Kelvin Benjamin: "He's a big target, he's got huge hands, great hands. Even when he's covered, throw him the rock!"

Brandon Beane on if Benjamin can play on Thursday: "If they can get him up to speed — and we have to deactivate guys, too — we'll see if he can help us out, most definitely."

Brandon Beane on Benjamin's contractual situation: "Well part of the attraction here is Kelvin is a first round draft pick, and he has his fifth-year option ... the difference being, if he were in the top 10 he's $14 million plus."

Brandon Beane: "I think the guys will really enjoy who Kelvin is and what he brings to a locker room."

Brandon Beane on Dareus trade: "Our plan was to ride out the year and see if he'd bought in ... but Jacksonville came in."

Thurman Thomas: "Miami is going the opposite direction, after making the playoffs last year."

Thurman Thomas, on trade of Jay Ajayi: "Philadelphia just got stronger ... now you got two dudes, one that's really fast and the other that's a bruiser."

Thurman Thomas: "LeSean texted me last night. I asked him, how excited are you? He texted back excited twice!"

Thurman Thomas on the Brandon Tate post-catch celebration: "If you look at that play, everyone's engaged ... I get chills right now talking about it."

Manish Mehta on 2017 Jets: "If you're objective and honest about it, they're not a particularly talented team from top to bottom."

Manish Mehta: "It's not a complicated formula when you play the Bills — you have to contain McCoy and Tyrod Taylor."

Jim Kelly: "Overall it was 99 percent pretty good and the one percent ... just put the part in it where I said, 'one of the best decisions I made in my life was becoming a Buffalo Bill' ... and they didn't do it!"

Jim Kelly: "I'm excited, I love being there, I love watching it ... I'm excited being 5-2."

Jim Kelly: "Tyrod has done an unbelievable job this year ... he makes big plays with his legs, which a lot of guys can't do. And then you add Benjamin? ... find a way to put him in the game, give him some catches, some touches, some targets!"


0:00-18:00: Introduction of Tasker as today's co-host; discussion of Kelvin Benjamin trade

20:00-27:00: NFL trades discussion; fit of Benjamin on Bills

33:00-44:00: Interview with Brandon Beane

1:07:00-1:28:00: Interview with Thurman Thomas

1:33:00-1:48:00: Interview with New York Daily News' Manish Mehta

2:03:00-2:16:00: Interview with Hall of Famer Jim Kelly

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