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Authorities locate second man sought in connection with Manhattan attack as more details emerge

By Benjamin Mueller, Michael Schwirtz and Adam Goldman

NEW YORK — The FBI said on Wednesday that investigators had found a second Uzbek man they had been seeking in connection with the truck attack this week in Lower Manhattan, as prosecutors filed federal charges against the driver of the truck, Sayfullo Saipov.

The federal charges in civilian court, which detail how Saipov said he drew inspiration from ISIS videos that questioned the killing of Muslims in Iraq, contradicted calls from President Trump to try Saipov in military court at the American prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The FBI had earlier released an alert saying they were seeking information about the second man, Mukhammadzoir Kadirov, 32, in connection with the attack.

Police officials said earlier on Wednesday that Saipov, 29, appeared to have connections to people who were the subjects of terrorism investigations.

The criminal complaint against Saipov said he began planning the attack a year ago and decided to use a truck about two months ago. They said he chose Halloween for the attack because he believed there would be more people on the street.

Prosecutors, in documents formally charging Saipov with the deaths of eight people in an attack that left more than a dozen wounded, said Saipov had even rented a truck weeks before, and had been practicing making turns to get a feel for how the vehicle handled.

8 people killed, 15 injured as driver careens down bike path in Manhattan terror attack

The practice run was part of an elaborate plan that was in effect for more than a year, according to court papers.
Saipov entered Manhattan across the George Washington Bridge before rumbling south on the West Side Highway, prosecutors said.

"Once the truck was in the vicinity of Houston Street in Manhattan, the truck proceeded onto the bike lane and pedestrian walkway of the West Side Highway," the criminal complaint says.

"The truck then drove down the walkway for several blocks and struck numerous civilians on the walkway. The truck eventually collided with a school bus, which was carrying occupants in the vicinity of West Street and Chambers Street."

"Saipov rented the truck from the store for a period of two hours but had no intention of ever returning it," the criminal complaint said.

Saipov planned on continuing to the Brooklyn Bridge after the West Side Highway and "wanted to kill as many people as he could," according to court papers.

He  was so determined to wreak the maximum amount of havoc that he circled Halloween on his calendar because he knew more people would be out and about.

Driver in Manhattan attack had been planning for weeks, police say



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