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Sean McDermott on WGR: 'The word "team" means a lot'

Bills head coach Sean McDermott joined Mike Schopp and The Bulldog as part of "Football Monday" on WGR-550 AM on Monday. McDermott started the visit chatting about his appreciation for the RV lot inhabitants and the potential for important games in December. McDermott finished talking about the team reaction to the Brandon Tate catch and run, the stated goal of the playoffs, Cordy Glenn and finished with McDermott's thoughts on the World Series.


Sean McDermott appearance October 30th, 2017


Sean McDermott: "It's interesting when I walk up, I get out of my car and go up to the first person I see – and try and tell them who I am ... it's pretty cool to get out there with the fans and just be one of the guys."

Sean McDermott, on Brandon Tate post-catch team celebration: "Well I think it's pretty special when you look at the tape ... the guys already knew what was coming when I showed it to them during the team meeting ... what was special about it was the raw, pure emotion and support for their teammate, Brandon Tate."

Sean McDermott: "I know it's a professional sport, but the word 'team' means a lot."

Sean McDermott: "Well we focus - for us - the word gets thrown a lot, but we focus on process. We try to get better every day, every game, every week...we just continue to grow and take that growth mindset and in doing so you get the results."

Sean McDermott: "It was pretty special – two weeks in a row you're getting contributions from everyone on the roster."

Sean McDermott: "Cordy's done a great job in the two games he's been back...a lot of good stuff going on up front, we just gotta continue getting better."


0:00-5:53: Discussion of McDermott's trips to the RV lot / Brandon Tate catch celebration chat

5:54-7:30: What does McDermott think of mentioning playoffs to team in season?

7:44-9:20: Contributions of "no name" players on a weekly basis

9:30-10:21: Cordy Glenn discussion

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