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Letter: Convention is chance to improve New York

Convention is chance to improve New York

As a semi-retired CPA and retired civil servant, my gut reaction was to vote no on Nov. 7 for convening a constitutional convention in 2018. We get the opportunity to vote for one every 20 years and the last two proposed conventions were voted down. I’ve changed my mind after reading up on the pluses and minuses and hearing advocates from both sides tell their story.

But what specifically convinced me to vote yes for a convention is the fact that advocates who are normally opposed to each other’s policies on a day-to-day basis are now agreeing with each other to vote no. Such strange bedfellows on this issue! This is such a rare occurrence that it indicates to me that it’s worth a shot to vote yes.

This state, by many accounts, has the highest taxes, worst business conditions and highest Medicaid costs in the country. Additionally, it has a bloated Legislature run by three men in a room and has been a net loser in population for several years now. So while several partisan entities are lining up on the same sides for this important vote, I’ll take it as a sign that to vote yes is the right thing to do.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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