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Letter: Convention could change how funds are distributed

Convention could change how funds are distributed

Six years ago, the Rockefeller Institute at the University of Albany published a study of the statewide distribution of the revenue and spending in the New York State budget. Upstate New York provides 24 percent of the revenues and receives 35 percent of expenditures. In other words, for every $1 Erie County sends to Albany, we receive about $1.46 back. The difference, well over $1,000 per capita, is provided by the taxpayers of the New York City metropolitan area.

We are reaping the benefits of residing in the same state as one of the world’s great trillion-dollar economies. A river of money flows up the Hudson River and down the Erie Canal to Buffalo, Erie County and the rest of upstate New York.

Any impact to this arrangement due to a constitutional convention should be a concern of any voter in Buffalo and Erie County.

Brian Heine


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