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What They Said: Marcell Dareus, Doug Marrone discuss trade

Jaguars defensive tackle Marcell Dareus

(On how surprised he was on Friday) “I was surprised, fairly much.  When they said [Head Coach Doug] Marrone was looking at me, knowing our relationship and we had a long conversation.  I was fairly excited to be here.  Happy for the opportunity.”

(On if he’s treating this as a fresh start) “Of course, of course.  New city.  New surroundings.  I’m just happy to be here with these guys.  They’ve been playing fairly well, and I’m just happy to be here to help any way I possibly can.”

(On his initial impression of his teammates after one practice) “Just trying to feel it out, man.  It’s such a different experience.  I thought that Buffalo was our home and just extremely happy for everything I’ve done there and everything they’ve done for me, the organization.  I appreciate everything.  I appreciate my fans that I’ve made since the time I’ve been there, the guys I left back, just close, dear family and lifelong friends.  At the same time, it’s a business and this is where I am, and I’m thoroughly happy just to be a Jag, you know? It feels good to be wanted.”

(On if he has friends in the Jaguars locker room already) “Of course.  In the Pro Bowl, I met Calais Campbell, very good dude, humble guy.  He plays it by the book, and he’s very straight to the point, and when you are playing with people, like Kyle Williams is a very straight to the point type of guy, I’m extremely happy to be with him.  Everything is pretty smooth.  He’s helping me out.  I’m just really at a loss of words when it comes to being with these guys. I just got off the field, by the way, so I’m still just taking everything in.”

(On if his experience learning multiple schemes already in his career will make it easier to learn a new scheme this week) “I’m still processing what we just went through.  I had meetings and just got off the field, so I’m just trying to feel my way through. They are letting these guys go, and I’m taking it in, just trying to see exactly what they want me to do.  They are not making it hard.  They are going to give me everything I possibly need to make things a smooth transition, so I’m just happy, taking it all in with these guys.”

(On how long it took for him to get over the shock of being traded from a good team in the middle of the season) “I still haven’t gotten over it, yet.  I’m still in shock. I’m shocked for the trade.  I’m shocked at this defense, this team.  I’m still just taking it all on.  It’s just been three days, man.”

(On if he noticed the Jaguars defense during the first weeks of the season) “Of course.  It’s hard to miss what these guys have been doing, the way their defense has been playing, the way they’ve been running the ball, the weapons they have.  It’s kind of hard to miss what’s going on with these guys.”

(On his relationship with Coach Marrone) “It was getting to know each other.  New coaching staff.  Gelling.  Trying to understand what he wants, what he needs for me to do my job the best way I possibly can.  We got that understanding in the time he was there.  We had pretty decent seasons there under him, and these guys are rolling right now under him.  I understand what he’s looking for, and I’m going to do the best I possibly can to give him exactly what he’s looking for.”

(On the emotion of going to the airport with a one-way ticket) “A little overwhelming.  A little overwhelming, kind of saw somethings happening.  At the same time, I was getting prepared for the game. We had a game plan there.  I was practicing all week, just zoned in, trying to keep negativity out, and when I got the call and things happened the way they did, I can’t lie, it did make me a little emotional because I know tomorrow it is a one-way ticket.  I would be going there just to see friends, say hello to kids, people I’ve known for a long while. There’s one thing that has been consistent in my life – I know I’m going to Buffalo, and I know I’m going to be with people that I’m familiar with, and to know I’m getting a one-way ticket to my new family is a culture shock for me.”

(On his reaction from fans at the airport) “It was kind of pretty swift, wasn’t a lot of people in the airport, had to get out of the city, and said my goodbyes that night.  A lot of people came to the house, very emotional, people I’ve known for a long time, played with.  At the same time, that morning it was just a waving moment.  I’m out of here.  It was so swift. Before I knew it, I was already in Charlotte.  By the time I got to Charlotte, in the blink of an eye, I’m here in Jacksonville saying ‘hey’ to the coaches, the biggest cocktail party in the world [with the annual Florida-Georgia game].  With all that going on, the world is spinning – traded, on the plane, cocktail party, going to the stadium, saying hello, getting out, going to the hotel room, laying on the bed, looking at the roof.  What is going on?  Called my kids and spread the news.  Hey, this is life.”

(On his emotions on his up and down season in Buffalo) “I’ve seen things happen over the years being in Buffalo, so it wasn’t anything surprising.  Why fight it?  Why go back and forth against it?  Why go against the grain?  Just kind of embrace and just be thankful for the opportunity to even be in the position I’m in.”

* * *

 Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone

(On Marcell Dareus) “I think it’s an opportunity for us to try and get better. I think it’s someone that plays, can play both three technique and the nose, which he’s done before. He’s a player that when I was with him, was very successful, very good football player. Gives us a chance. We’ve struggled at times against the run and I think he’s going to help our defense that way. I think it was a simple thing. I got wind of it late and they said, ‘would you be interested?’ I had no issue with that.”

(If he likes him at nose tackle) “I like him anywhere on the inside. My background, I’ve played him on the outside too, kind of what we do with Calais (Campbell). We’ve done that. I think, right now, we’re just trying to get him acclimated from a standpoint of hey, what might have been apples in a different place is oranges here. Just get him with the terminology. There’s a lot of familiar faces around him. (Defensive Line Coach) Marion Hobby knew him coming out. Jason Rebrovich is our assistant D-line coach and was his assistant D-line coach for all the years in Buffalo, both under myself and Coach (Rex) Ryan. He’s been with Marcell for a long period of time and then (Running Backs Coach) Tyrone Wheatley is here and then (Offensive Coordinator) Nathaniel (Hackett) is here. They’re all familiar faces from that standpoint.”

(On if he ended on good terms with Marcell Dareus in Buffalo) “Yeah, I just think its part of it. There’s consequences that happen. There are things I’ve learned too. Like I’ve said before, I wasn’t perfect when I coached. Trying to always get better. A lot of things that I’ve gotten better at too. I’m hoping it’s the same for him as a player. Why should it be any different?”

(On how much of a risk Dareus is given his past) “We’re all at risk, myself, everybody. Really, at the end of the day, I think some people get themselves in situations. You hope that they learn from it. If they don’t then there are consequences. That’s the same for all the players.”

(On if he watched tape on Dareus before the trade occurred) “When I had heard that, hey, would this be something that we’d be interested in? It came to me, would you be interested? The first thing you do as a coach on any player, you go back and watch the tape. We went back and watched the tape, saw a lot of things for us that I viewed as good things. I can’t speak for anybody else. I was very happy with the things that I saw. Knowing a little bit, maybe more about him or the past about him, a little bit more to see every player. You always try to get more out of them.”

(On his level involvement in the discussions of trades) “The one thing how we’ve done things here between Coach Coughlin and Dave (Caldwell) and myself, has been good. My focus and concentration is just on the team here. As we evaluate the team and do things of that nature, we’re always looking to get better. What comes to me is, hey, listen, there may be an opportunity, what do you think? Is this something that is worthwhile exploring? I’ll say, yeah, that sounds good to me. Or, hey, listen, here are the pluses and here are the minuses. And then we move on from there. One thing I would say that I’ve been very fortunate with is the three of us have really good communication. We’re around each other all the time and we’re talking about the rosters and performances and what we’re trying to get accomplished.”

(On how much Marcell Dareus helps the linebackers) “It’s going to help the whole defense. We can add another player that’s going to work in there, not get worn down. We have another player that you have to game plan against. I think any time that we can help ourselves and get a good football player, I can’t speak for what other teams are going to do, but we’re excited about it. I think the players, you have a better chance – to me, I haven’t talked to any of them, but everybody seems excited. You bring in someone in there that’s going to help the defense as a whole. They understand that they’re playing well, but we still have to play better. I think they’re excited about that.”

(On how much he believes in the benefits of a change in scenery) “I’m a believer. I feel, personally with him, I felt like I was on a good path with him. His two best years. My last year was his best year. He had the double-digit sacks. I can’t speak for that, really, for Marcell. That’s something that he would have to be able to answer. I think sometimes those things work out. Sometimes they don’t. I think a lot of it is up to the individual to see how he feels about it because the one thing that I’ve learned is, hey, I’ve done this before. I look back and I can honestly say that there are things that I would have done differently. You make mistakes and you get better from it and move on. You admit to those things. For me personally, having gone through it, I hope that I try to give people that advice in everything that they do. You can get yourself another opportunity, whatever it may be as a player or as a coach, in your job or whatever it may be in life, just go through. It’s not about changing other people. It’s about opportunity and being what you want to be. It has nothing to do with anything else. It has nothing to do with proving something to someone or doing things of that nature. I think when you start going – those are short term. I think you have to look at the long term. Like I said before, we’re happy to get him and I don’t really look back at a lot of things because, really, for me to do the best job that I can for this team, I’m focused on, really it’s the last game of the second quarter for us. The first quarter we were 2-1 and lost an opportunity. We were 2-2. Now, we’re in the 2-1 in the second quarter with a great opportunity ahead of us at home, which we have challenges during this week that we’ve got to take care of and get back to work. I thought the players today came back, a lot of enthusiasm, which they should. We have a lot of guys back on the field, which is good. We’ll see where a lot of these guys are as the week progresses. Where they are from the standpoint of if they’re going to be able to play. A lot of guys have been cleared to be on the field, which is a good thing. That’s what should happen after a bye.”

(On with the arrival of Dareus, did he feel Malik Jackson and Calais Campbell were playing too many snaps out of necessity) “I think those things, those are always tough things to figure out. I think when people start talking about matchups and everything and people are trying to find out what that right snap count is, there’s a lot of things that happen during the course of the game whether it’s run or pass, what guys are going. Hopefully, myself as a coach, we try to maintain conditioning throughout the year. Today we ran again after practice so the players can maintain a high level throughout the game. But the reality in my position is that I thought that was one of the key trades of a defensive line coach is—you know having played against them all year—is how do they manage those snaps, how do they get the best quality, a lot of that is just the feel of the game, the change of the game to game depending on how we play, but I think that’s something that you’re always working to try and figure out from a matchup standpoint, from the amount of snaps. I don’t think it’s a position of taking away snaps, it’s going to be part of those snaps and to get the best quality.”

(On what he needs to see from Dareus off the field) “I think it’s not different than any one of our other players. I mean honestly it’s just making sure you handle your responsibilities, if you do the right thing, if you don’t there’s consequences. We all understand the consequences from a league perspective, I think all the players understand that and I think that all the players understand the consequences from an internal aspect of what we’re looking for. I think the one thing with Marcell is because of the past, he knows what is expected from me and I think that’s the most important thing. We’ve had open communication in the past and I expect that to be the same way now.”

(On if there is a zero tolerance rule for Dareus) “I don’t know anything about that. I don’t know what was done. I don’t know anything about that, so I can’t comment on what happened then and there”

(On if he feels good about Fournette playing this Sunday) “I’m never saying that. Nope. Never say that. I always say we’ll see. Tim [Graham] is here and he can tell you. I said it one time and I thought the guy was going to come back and play and I said I feel great about him coming back and guarantee 100 percent that he will back. Now these guys said they won’t kill me, but I think really we will see how it goes. The more practice time you have and today is the first day back, so you’re just trying to get him loose and get him running around a little bit. I think you have a better idea on Wednesday. He was out there and he took reps.”

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