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Need last-minute Halloween treats? Try these candy corn-inspired recipes

Halloween is quickly approaching. Between kids hopped up on sugar and holiday parties, you might be in dire need of some recipe inspiration right about now.

Since it's National Candy Corn Day, check out these recipes fused with candy corn themes.

From salty and sweet to just plain sweet, these recipes are festive and fun.

Homemade candy corn

Ever wonder what's actually in candy corn? Here's your answer: a recipe for homemade candy corn. Spoiler: There's no actual corn in it.

Slow cooker candy corn fondue

Halloween is all about sugar. So why not dip treats in more sugar? This super easy candy corn fondue recipe is simple, yet brilliant. The suggested snack of choice to dip is pretzels, but don't be afraid to explore. The more treats the better.

Monster Munch

Nibble on Monster Munch while listening to the Monster Mash. Candy corn mixed with kettle corn, white chocolate, M&Ms and pretzels makes for a spooky good combination. Halloween-colored sprinkles adds to the festive spirit.

Candy corn bark

This no-hassle, three-ingredient recipe for candy corn bark is perfect for Halloween parties. Not only does it taste good, but the candy corn colors are certainly festive. This salty and sweet snack is a crowd-pleaser.

Candy corn hot chocolate

Need something to help you get through those cool, crisp fall evenings? If you really like candy corn, check out this candy corn hot chocolate. Try a marshmallow ghost garnish on top for an extra festive presentation.

Bonus: Candy corn ghost cupcakes

Just in case you don't actually like candy corn (it's an acquired taste), try these adorable candy corn ghost cupcakes that don't actually have a smudge of candy corn in them. With candy corn colors and little ghost eyes, they certainly look the part.

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