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Letter: Take a hard look at tax plan, you’ll see leaders’ true colors

Take a hard look at tax plan, you’ll see leaders’ true colors

Chameleons are lizards that change color to camouflage and hide in the desert.

Some of the leaders in our U.S. government are acting like camouflaged lizards in their discussions of the Tax Reform Act of 2017. Happy, bright colors are presented with the pronouncement of a highly simplified income tax filing on a postcard. Attention-getting words are repeated that the standard deductions will be doubled. There are loud promises that the Tax Reform Act will help lower- and middle-class workers in America retain more of their hard-earned money. Sounds wonderful! Beware of other things that are also happening.

Largely camouflaged from the lower and middle classes are non-discussed intentions to cut programs for the lower and middle classes. According to an Oct. 20 story in USA Today, “Over the next 10 years, the budget calls for $473 billion in cuts from Medicare and $1 trillion from Medicaid. … They are part of the $5 trillion in cuts mentioned overall, but most are not specified.” Those wanting to save for their retirement may find it even more difficult with greater restrictions on the 401(k) program.

The lizards in D.C. are going to give a little sparkle and color on relatively small items and really hit the lower and middle classes with increased personal costs on the big items – Medicaid and Medicare and maybe the 401(k) program. Most government leaders in D.C. are millionaires and they do not concern themselves with the lower and middle classes. They want tax cuts to help them become even richer. Start analyzing the situation and let your congressional leaders and the president know that you have “got their true colors.”

Elizabeth Storch


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