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John Murphy Show: How much dead cap space is too much for Bills?'s founder Mike Ginnitti joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Monday.

Ginnitti joined the show to discuss the cap ramifications of the Marcell Dareus trade, the structure of the Dareus contract being problematic and what the Jaguars are getting in return. Ginnitti also talked about the ramifications of a rumored Cordy Glenn trade, questioned how much dead cap is too much and which players the Bills could/should ask for pay cuts.

Bills insider Chris Brown also joined Murphy and Jones, and discussed the team's win over the Raiders, his opinion on the importance of Cordy Glenn and the efficiency of Tyrod Taylor, and Brown's view of the Dareus trade.

Audio from Sean McDermott's Monday press conference was played as well. McDermott discussed his view of team chemistry, the Marcell Dareus trade, the maturity of Tyrod Taylor, the welcome return of Cordy Glenn and his feelings on being 5-2.


John Murphy Show — Oct. 30, 2017


Chris Brown, on selecting "other" as key to the Bills' victory over Raiders: "I would say that the 'other' thing for me is the collective confidence this team is now playing with."

Chris Brown, on Taylor's whirling dervish leading to the Andre Holmes touchdown: "There's probably only five guys that can pull that play off."

Chris Brown, on Cordy Glenn: "Did Khalil Mack do anything yesterday? You absolutely have to give credit to Cordy Glenn ... Tyrod at times had four or five seconds to throw. You have to give credit to the tackles ... I think he's an underrated offensive tackle in this league."

Mike Ginnitti: "It was such a bloated contract I thought it was un-releasable ... to be able to find a trade partner and get good value back is a win for the Bills."

Mike Ginnitti, on Dareus' cap status: "Is he worth being the highest paid player for the next four, five years? I don't think so."

Mike Ginnitti, on Tyrod Taylor: "Having Tyrod on this roster will not prevent them from [taking a successor with] a high draft pick."

Sean McDermott: "I was extremely proud of the players, the way they played yesterday. It's fun to be a part of it. No one gives awards out for going 5-2 ... I'm happy for the fans of this team, what they so long have desired and yearned for. I'm fired up about that."

Sean McDermott: "I thought Leslie and his staff did a good job of adjusting ... you can have a good game plan going in, but it's important to be able to adjust, especially early."

Sean McDermott, on Cordy Glenn: "He's done a good job. Cordy is a force. When he's in there, he's good in the run game, good in the pass game ... credit goes to Rick Dennison and Juan Castillo."


0:00-9:00: What is the biggest takeaway from the Bills' win over the Raiders?

9:00-16:00: Marcell Dareus trade discussion

46:00-49:00: Around the locker room audio postgame

1:13:00-1:39:00: Interview with Bills insider Chris Brown

2:05:00-2:25:00: Interview with Spotrac's Mike Ginnitti

2:33:00-2:48:00: Audio from Sean McDermott press conference

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