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What They Said: Head coach Sean McDermott

Opening statement: I want to start off by mentioning my heartfelt condolences, and our heartfelt condolences, to Logan [Thomas] and the Thomas family, on the loss of his daughter. [It] offers great perspective, again, for where we are and what we do. We know how important it is, and it seems like the only thing at times, but it’s certainly not the only thing. We’re going to offer our support, our love, and wrap our arms around the Thomas family at this time for as long as they need it. With that, I will open it up to questions.

Q: In regards to Anquan Boldin, and the letter that was sent to him yesterday, what level of interest did he express in returning to the Bills?

A: Yeah, I’m aware of that, that that went on. Really, my focus and our focus is on this game, the 63 guys that I coach, and the Oakland Raiders right now.

Q: Just for clarity, you say you’re aware that went on, meaning just the letter in general, but not him specifically asking about the Bills? You say you’re aware that it went on, do you mean him asking about the Bills or do you mean just the letter in general that he sent?

A: When you say him asking about the Bills I’m not sure –

Q: Asking if there is any interest in the Bills having him return to this team?

A: I’m aware that he was interested in returning. Other than that, I’m not going to get into any specifics. I’m also aware of the letter, that was sent.

Q: In keeping with your approach, of always trying to make the team better, do you still see him [Anquan Boldin] as an asset, or in your mind is he just a guy that’s not available to you because the intention is clear that he wants your team to trade him somewhere else?

A: Yeah, again, with all due respect to your question, I am 100 percent focused on this football team. Anything else would be a mistake on my part; I wouldn’t be doing my job. That’s what I’m focused on, I care about the guys that are in this building. We have a big challenge in front of us come Sunday, so we have to respect that process also here.

Q: Throughout the week, how much do you guys pay attention to other practice reports, injury reports [in] how you massage your game plan throughout the week? There’s a couple guys for the Raiders, for example, like Karl Joseph, he’s limited on Wednesday then he doesn’t practice on Thursday. What goes into that, as far as a coaching staff, how much are you aware of that, how much do you pay attention to those kinds of things?

A: Well, we do, we keep an eye on them. I wouldn’t say it’s the first thing we look at. Again, a lot of our focus has to be on ourselves and what we’re doing. We’ve got our own situations going on with some of those areas you mentioned. Again, our biggest focus is what we’re doing, and how we can get better every week, whether it’s getting healthier, fundamentally getting better, schematically getting better, all those areas, you name it. That’s really our focus every week.

Q: In regards to Logan, will he be away from the team, remain with the team, and his status for Sunday?

A: Well, the way it stands right now is, Logan returned yesterday. I thought he had a good day. He’s back in the building this morning and will be back on this field this afternoon.

Q: Could you imagine coming back so soon after something like that happens and the strength he has to –

A: You get a lot of perspectives from a lot of situations, and in this case, inspiration. The way that he and his family have handled this just really speaks volumes about who they are. I am 100 percent confident that they will use this to continue to grow closer as a family. I was just happy to see Logan’s smiling face in here yesterday, not from a football standpoint at all but more so just for him to be around, for us to embrace him and for him to be around his teammates also.

Q: From your perspective, how is he?

A: He seems to be handling it as well as anyone could at this point.

Q: Any update yesterday on the two players, the two DBs, [E.J.] Gaines and [Jordan] Poyer? Did anything change for today?

A: They remain the same at this point. Gaines will be out for the game at this point. We’ll still be day-to-day with Jordan at this point.

Q: Just Gaines is out?

A: Right, just Gaines is out.

Q: What about Charles Clay and [Ramon] Humber?

A: Right, same. Yeah, Charles Clay, Humber. I’m sorry, Charles Clay is out, Humber is out, E.J. Gaines will be out for the game.

Q: Are you going to try and get Jordan [Poyer] back on the practice field today?

A: We’ll see. I left meetings to come in here. I haven’t really had a chance to touch base with trainer yet. We’ll just see how that goes. He’s a guy that, [he’s] been on the practice field, he’s been staying in tune with the game plan. If he can go, he’ll be the starter.

Q: The other one is Richie [Incognito]. What’s the plan for him today?

A: Richie will be in a limited fashion today out at practice. Better than yesterday, and we’ll continue to monitor that moving forward.

Q: Are you confident in his [Richie Incognito] ability to go on Sunday, or is it still too far up in the air?

A: Still too far up in the air at this point. I am confident in Richie – he’s played through things before. He was able to finish the game, he’s a strong individual, both physically and mentally. I’m confident that we’re heading in the right direction right now.

Q: Ryan Groy would likely replace him?

A: We’ll see. I know Ryan has got some reps, as well as John Miller, as well as some other people in there. It’s a nice healthy competition, depth, situation for us right now.

Q: How do you feel about the depth you have at cornerback, with E.J. out?

A: I feel good about it. I feel good about it. I’m confident heading into this game. I’m confident in the players, that they’re going to go out and execute, [in] the backups that have to step up. That’s the mentality we embrace. You saw that last week; I expect the same this week.

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