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Vic Carucci's NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

(Through Thursday’s game. Last week’s ranking in parentheses)

1. Philadelphia Eagles. They should go to 7-1 after facing the Niners, but it might not be easy. (1)

2. New England Patriots. They'll have their hands full vs. Chargers, but should come out on top. (2)

3. Pittsburgh Steelers. Pass defense is going to get a tough test vs. Matthew Stafford. (3)

4. Kansas City Chiefs. Getting healthier just in time for a big divisional showdown. (4)

5. L.A. Rams. Who saw these guys being 5-2 at their bye? (5)

6. Seattle Seahawks. They're picking up steam, so watch out. (6)

7. Houston Texans. Looks like team owner Bob McNair really put his foot in his mouth. (8)

8. Minnesota Vikings. Facing the Browns should make the long trip across the pond rewarding. (9)

9. Buffalo Bills. A banged-up secondary is the last thing you want vs. Derek Carr & Co. (11)

10. Carolina Panthers. Good chance to rebound vs. the Buccaneers. (10)

11. Oakland Raiders. If they're for real, they have to take care of business vs. the Bills. (12)

12. Dallas Cowboys. The Redskins should provide a much sterner test than these guys received last week. (14)

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Way to waste a huge passing day by Jameis Winston. (13)

14. Green Bay Packers. Nice to get a little extra time to rest and reflect on life without Aaron Rodgers. (7)

15. New Orleans Saints. The scrappy Bears will be no picnic. (16)

16. Detroit Lions. It's a good thing they had a chance to get some extra rest before facing the Steelers. (17)

17. Washington Redskins. Another week, another big divisional game. (15)

18. Tennessee Titans. After being pushed to the brink by the Browns, they could use some R&R. (19)

19. Baltimore Ravens. That hit on Joe Flacco was absolutely frightening and unnecessary. (21)

20. Jacksonville Jaguars. They don't call it Sacksonville for nothing. (22)

21. LA. Chargers. Can Joey Bosa and the rest of their strong pass rush bring enough heat to Tommy boy? (29)

22. Chicago Bears. They're feeding off of the us-against-the-world mentality. (28)

23. Cincinnati Bengals. The Colts figure to be more in this team's weight class. (23)

24. Miami Dolphins. Adam Gase is right, their offense is a joke. (24)

25. Denver Broncos. Arrowhead Stadium isn't exactly an ideal place to go for a rebound win. (20)

26. Atlanta Falcons. They desperately need to stop the bleeding. (18)

27. N.Y. Jets. Matt Forte still has life in those 31-year-old legs. (25)

28. Arizona Cardinals. Without Carson Palmer, well, it's hard to see any cause for hope. (26)

29. N.Y. Giants. These guys are broken at their break. (27)

30. Indianapolis Colts. Wow! Colts-Bengals. Who can't get enough of that? (30)

31. San Francisco 49ers. Yes, your fans do value winning as part of their "stadium experience." (31)

32. Cleveland Browns. Now another country gets to see what losing football looks like. (32)

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