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Letter: Working in pharmacy greatly enriched my life

Working in pharmacy greatly enriched my life

This is a heartfelt goodbye to my wonderful friends and patients of the Mosher Lifetime Health Center, which will be closing Dec. 31. My supervisor, Matt, and I opened the new building in 1993, when we were called Health Care Plan. I observed many changes in our pharmacy over these 24 years. What did not change, but improved 100 percent, was my relationship with patients and customers.

My life has been greatly enriched beyond measure by my citywide brothers and sisters. My job began when most businesses were shuttered along Main Street. “Why work in Buffalo?” I was asked. I said that Buffalo will rise again someday. Now, it is becoming a vibrant area all up and down Main Street. I learned that by being a patient and courteous clerk, my personal reward was loyalty and love.

I was blessed to have worked with so many fine people, especially my pharmacy co-workers and our exceptional students. These bright young students always accepted me, of Medicare age, for my work ability and did not prejudge me on my senior years.

On rare occasions, customers would be disagreeable. My saving grace was, “I don’t have to take them home to dinner.” Learning to accept all people in all walks of life enriches our citizenship.

I hope I made a positive impact on my city’s diverse population. I will always be grateful for the love given to me. At 72, I embark on a new part-time job. I will carry my wonderful Lifetime experiences in my heart.

Joanne Kreher


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