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Letter: Why not feature a column by wildlife rehabilitators?

Why not feature a column by wildlife rehabilitators?

What a strange combination on a recent Outdoor Page. There was an announcement about a forum featuring wildlife rehabilitators and the injured wildlife that they work so hard to save. On the same page, there was information about hunting ducks, trapping and bowhunting – all activities known to injure wildlife.

Waterfowl hunting studies have shown that over 25 percent of ducks that are shot are left wounded during hunting seasons.

Bowhunters’ publications stress learning how to follow blood trails. It’s common for arrowed wildlife, like deer, to run when impaled by razor-sharp arrows. Hunters are instructed to sit and wait anywhere from minutes to hours before starting their search for wounded animals. It’s so common for arrowed animals to run away that magazines have ads for tools to help find bowhunters’ bleeding victims.

Then there’s trapping. Trappers’ own internet photos and videos are testimony to how cruel trapping is. Traps are indiscriminate – coyote or dog, fox or cat, muskrat or eagle? It’s not just wild furbearers’ traps that can catch and hold for hours until the trapper arrives. At a recent trappers’ convention a tool to release dogs from traps was being sold. However, it’s illegal in New York State for non-trappers to release animals they find in a trap.

The forum was very informative. However, nothing we can do about two deer recently reported running with arrows through their necks.

I wish we had a Buffalo News column written by wildlife rehabilitators. It seems only fair since we have one that sometimes includes activities that can injure animals.

Valerie Will

Orchard Park

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