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Letter: We cannot risk losing many important rights

We cannot risk losing many important rights

On Nov. 7 there is a very important issue on the ballot, namely, shall we convene a constitutional convention to amend the New York State Constitution? I believe the answer should be a resounding “no.”

The current constitution contains many important rights, including free public education, workers’ compensation, environmental protections and collective bargaining, which enhance the life of New Yorkers. A convention could decide to eliminate all these, and other, rights.

If the constitution needs to be amended, we can already do that. Just a few years ago, we authorized casino gambling, and this year we may strip pensions from corrupt public officials.

The process works, and we don’t need to spend millions to convene a convention, which would be controlled by special interests. We can’t take that chance.

Tim Elliott

President, Western New York Chapter

Retired Public Employees Association

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