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Letter: Veterans paid steep price for freedoms we all enjoy

Veterans paid steep price for freedoms we all enjoy

We all recognize that the veterans of our military have given something of themselves to this country, and some have given all, laying down their lives to defend the freedoms that we all enjoy – even the freedoms of those who do not understand or appreciate the price paid for those freedoms.

For those veterans who have stood guard in peacetime, and those who have seen the terror, horror and inhumanity of combat, and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, let it be said that our servicemen and women have always been there for America, defending the Constitution and honoring the flag that stands for everything our men and women have suffered and died for.

The United States of America is a resilient nation, and we pray that with the passage of time, our wounds will heal.

Russ Deveso

U.S. Navy, Vietnam


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