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Letter: Trump was the winner, but America is the loser

Trump was the winner, but America is the loser

What’s going on with our local elected officials? Why have so many refused to call out President Trump and his un-American behavior of denigrating women and members of the military and sabotaging the First Amendment? Why are so many willing to accept the lies and bombast of this person and then pay blind reverence to Russian and American oligarch’s fake news? Why is Harvey Weinstein a sexual predator but “The Donald” is not?

Incumbent candidates for countywide offices tell us their opponents are “not right for us,” yet they conspire with gun violence radicals, stock cheaters and anti-Christians.

Since when do we disparage candidates who actually have the credentials for the office they are seeking and have admitted their faults? Are we expected to blindly vote for candidates because they align with a particular political party? How did these candidate get so much money to spend on their re-elections?

These politicians tell us to “get over it.” Trump won! But what did America win?

Frank Austin

Orchard Park

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