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Letter: Stop this petty bickering, focus on military, families

Stop this petty bickering, focus on military, families

With Veterans Day coming shortly, the seemingly ceaseless accusations between President Trump and Rep. Frederica Wilson are shamefully disrespectful, absolutely disgraceful and completely unacceptable, especially for those in high-profile leadership positions. One or the other or preferably both should take the high moral ground and halt this self-serving, juvenile behavior.

The military commanders who have commented on this situation are obviously deeply affected and pained by this circus in a sacred space. I can only surmise that this behavior opens wounds, recent or old, for all Gold Star families, and that most of these survivors are pained by the self-aggrandizing political grandstanding and boasting when the attention should be completely focused on the brave who defend us and our country.

But like everything negative, positive does emanate from this appalling and unfortunate controversy. It has put a spotlight on the service that all military members have performed for their country, and those brave individuals who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that all Americans enjoy the freedom we often take for granted.

Please consider putting differences aside and take pause this Veterans Day to remember all those who have served and the families who have supported them in order that we can have our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Philip Rico


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