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Letter: People in parking lots need to be more aware

People in parking lots need to be more aware

Since retiring, I frequent large malls, grocery and department store chains that have large parking lots. I notice that grown people put themselves, and even their kids, at risk by walking too close behind the back end of parked vehicles.

Also, they don’t pay much attention, if any, when a vehicle is about to back up. I see people more interested in working their cellphones, chatting with someone or pushing their cart rather than walking farther away from the back end of a vehicle, or determining if someone is ready to back up.

It amazes me that more injury accidents don’t occur. I propose that stores need to print on the parking pavement, “watch for backing vehicles,” especially at the newer stores. In addition, every driver about to back up needs to put his car blinkers on and blow his horn once before backing.

People need to remember that there are blind areas for drivers, even with rear-view mirrors or dash screens. Earlier this month, I had a close encounter. A person came out of nowhere, running 6 inches from my rear bumper. He just cleared my bumper by inches, as I backed with my blinkers on and after I had blown my horn.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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