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Letter: Invest settlement funds in zero-emission vehicles

Invest settlement funds in zero-emission vehicles

In 2015, it was revealed that two of my friends drove Volkswagens that emitted 40 times the nitrogen oxides than emission controls were programmed to reveal. For greed alone, 11 million cars worldwide were set up with this software, adding to smog, acid rain and heat-trapping gases. Now VW is paying the price. Volkswagen agreed to spend up to $14.7 billion to remediate the excess pollution, with $2.7 billion of this settlement money going to states to put toward clean transportation. New York will receive $117 million.

It’s time for New York to fully embrace the future of transportation: clean, plug-in electric vehicles. To make the best use of the settlement funds and leave dirty transportation in the past, Gov. Andrew Cuomo should invest in zero-emission transit, port and school buses and increase electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Since 25 percent of New York’s electricity sources are from renewables, this is truly the “green” choice for us.

With state and federal tax incentives, plus a gas-free future, these cars are more affordable than ever. I drive the new Chevy Bolt and the technology is brilliant. Bye-bye gas stations forever! The Sierra Club provides information on EVs and their ratings. Check it out and support our push for a cleaner, safer community.

Sara Schultz


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