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Letter: Give people more time to cross busy boulevard

Give people more time to cross busy boulevard

Citizens for Regional Transit continues to applaud the projected pedestrian safety improvements on Niagara Falls Boulevard. Additional lighting will certainly aid public safety and get us on track to reducing risk to pedestrians, especially those attempting to reach buses.

It is important, however, to further augment protection to pedestrians because Niagara Falls Boulevard is a high-speed arterial. Residential areas with many transit users are found mere steps away from the boulevard. The majority of the deaths occurring in the recent period involve people attempting to reach the bus.

For these reasons, we advocate for pedestrian priority traffic light cycles as exist in many cities (including in Buffalo where certain traffic lights always display a walk signal indication). Since Niagara Falls Boulevard is undoubtedly a high-risk corridor, pedestrian priority crossing cycles would be most important to give people enough time to cross this dangerous arterial road.

Seth Triggs

Vice President, Citizens for Regional Transit, Buffalo

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