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John Murphy Show: Looking forward to Raiders game, Cookie Gilchrist's Wall of Fame induction

Former Bills player and longtime commentator Paul Maguire joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Thursday.

Maguire talked about Cookie Gilchrist's Wall of Fame induction Sunday, the "golden days" of the Bills in the 1960s, and his experiences as a broadcaster.

Bills Wall of Famer Steve Tasker joined the show to preview the Raiders-Bills game and discuss happenings around the NFL, as well as Paul Maguire's influence on Tasker as a broadcaster. Tasker also discussed what is missing so far from the 12-4 Raiders team of last year, the influence of Marshawn Lynch on the Raiders and the possibility of Tyrod Taylor to be the established starter at quarterback in Buffalo. The three also discussed the fickle nature of outside forces on football — such as the home-run throwback game.

Bills nickelback Leonard Johnson appeared after practice to discuss his culinary talents, the fluctuating status of the defensive backs, the difference in playing inside versus outside, and the importance of scoring on defense and getting turnovers that is emphasized by the coaching staff. Johnson then discussed the potent Oakland Raiders offense with Derek Carr being a particular focus. Johnson finished discussing his six-year career and what he sees in Game Six starter Tre'Davious White and the experience of playing in Orchard Park.

Bills insider Chris Brown also joined Murphy and Jones, and he updated the injury situations of Richie Incognito, E.J. Gaines and the rest of the roster. Brown also updated on coach Sean McDermott's approach to injured players reclaiming their jobs and how that affects Ramon Humber upon his return.


John Murphy Show — Oct. 26, 2017


John Murphy: "I don't know — I have trouble finding too many matchups that favor Buffalo in this game."

Donald Jones: "Khalil Mack, this dude is unbelievable ... they're going to have to chip him, do what they did with Von Miller."

Paul Maguire on San Diego moving to Los Angeles: "To me, it's kinda sad — they had an opportunity to stay in San Diego."

Mark Kelso on Paul Maguire as a mentor: "Listen, I started my broadcast career and the first thing I did was seek him out — and he had 25, 30 years of experience then."

Mark Kelso: "Yeah you look at them — they're a little bit like the Falcons ... this is going to be their biggest test by far outside ... on the other hand, looks like the Bills have a few things ironed out in their run game and the Raiders are what? — 19th [against the run]?"

Mark Kelso: "It wasn't like they were 12-4 where they were winning games double digits and their losses were because of two fumbles — they were coin flips. And we're seeing those coin flips this year."

Mark Kelso: "I'm more worried about their offense with Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree, because Derek Carr can throw it ... Like Tampa Bay — that's way out of the Bills' comfort zone, giving up 27 points."

Mark Kelso on Marshawn Lynch: "He's got more issues than the New York Times, but the guys in Buffalo love him, the guys in Seattle love him and the guys in Oakland love him ... listen you run off the sideline and he's trying to stop his [cousin] on the Chiefs and his guy on the Raiders and he doesn't want both guys to be hurt!"

Leonard Johnson, on playing outside versus inside: "Playing inside allows you to expand your vision, and you really don't know what to expect going outside ... you get more chances to make plays"

Leonard Johnson: "This offense, as many offenses in the league has playmakers ... we have to be consistent in our play and 'rush to coverage.' "

Leonard Johnson: "This focus is on us ... if we focus on our technique and being fundamentally sound, the focus is on us."

Leonard Johnson describing his dad seeing Bills fans in the parking lot: "It's like college man — everybody's drunk, everybody's excited!"


4:00-8:00: Chris Brown practice update

11:00-25:00: Which Raiders player do the Bills need to worry about the most?/Focus on Khalil Mack

32:00-48:00: Interview with Paul Maguire

1:04:00-1:52:00: Interview with Mark Kelso

2:04:00-2:16:00: Interview with Bills cornerback Leonard Johnson

2:16:10-2:23:00: LeSean McCoy audio from Wednesday

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