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Reed calls out Schumer and Cuomo as 'hypocrites' in tax overhaul battle

It wasn't exactly a Hatfield/McCoy or Trump/Corker type of feud, but Rep. Tom Reed let loose against Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Charles E. Schumer Tuesday regarding the argument that the New York's top two Democrats made a day earlier against changes to the state and local tax deduction.

Reed, a Corning Republican who is drafting a tax-reform compromise in which that deduction may be turned into a tax credit with limits for upper-income homeowners, said on Facebook that his plan would ensure a tax cut for local property taxpayers in New York State. Meantime, he said, it would increase taxes on the rich.

"Schumer and Cuomo have spent years championing how the wealthy one percent need to pay their fair share. Our proposal does just that," Reed said. "As a result, Schumer and Cuomo will be proven to be the biggest hypocrites in New York political history, as they are the ones actually protecting the one percent at the expense of the rest of us."

Cuomo and Schumer teamed up at a news conference in Albany Monday to attack any compromise on the so-called "SALT" deduction, with Cuomo labeling the repeal of the deduction "an attempted death blow for the State of New York." Meantime, Schumer lambasted such a move as "double taxation" that could cost state taxpayers upward of $68 billion.

But unlike Reed, they didn't get personal about it. And in a tweet of his own, Schumer press secretary Jason Kaplan explained why.

"A wise person once told me: 'You attack people when you can't defend the substance of the bill'," Kaplan tweeted.

Reed's office put the following video on YouTube on the matter:

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