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John Murphy Show: 'We have to have a specific plan for him,' says Tyrod Taylor of Khalil Mack

Buffalo Bills Wall of Famer and NFL Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Wednesday.

Thomas discussed the importance of staying healthy being a part of the 4-2 record, the "who are these guys" aspect of key contributors, the importance of trench play, how consistent Shady's running style needs to be accepted for what it is, ball-security complaints and all,

Bills insider Chris Brown opened with Murphy and Jones, and he talked about the windy conditions at practice; the fall conditions set for Sunday; are the Bills built for bad weather?; and the blitzing tendencies of the Raiders defense. Brown also discussed the offensive line movements and the mechanics of why Dion Dawkins had to stay in when Richie Incognito was injured.

Finally, Andre Holmes joined the show to talk about his four years with Oakland, the importance of wet ball drills, his evolution from special teamer to contributor, and having a ringside seat for the development of Derek Carr. Holmes also chatted about the receivers room in Oakland and how Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree compliment one another. Holmes finished discussing how he felt after the Tre'Davious White fumble and the team reaction overall.


John Murphy Show - Oct. 25, 2017


Chris Brown, on the Bills being bad-weather ready: "I think they're built to handle bad weather, and if you play in Buffalo you should be ... they are playing a Raiders defense that has trouble getting off the field."

Thurman Thomas: "People are going like - who's that? Where's he from? ... But those are guys who have been in the league a number of years and obviously Deonte - he knows Tyrod ... they're just bringing in guys that want to play football and want to be a part of the family."

Thurman Thomas: "You look at him and you look at - not quite Barry Sanders - but right behind him ... He's going to do exactly what he did versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a wet turf too ... same with Tyrod ... people can't move like that."

Andre Holmes, on Derek Carr: "From day one, he was a leader, even as a rookie. So everyone knew he was going to be pretty good."

Andre Holmes: "I have been looking forward to this game, because I put a lot of time in Oakland ... I'm really excited to go against the guys I played against every day on the practice field."

Andre Holmes: "We're excited about the opportunity to go out there this Sunday and play a better game."

Andre Holmes, on nine different receivers getting the ball Sunday: "It's good. That just means the offense is really flowing well. Tyrod is finding people - and he played outstanding this last game ... that's what our sights are on, improving every time."

Tyrod Taylor on Khalil Mack: "We have to have a specific plan for him and Bruce Irvin - he's good, too."

Tyrod Taylor: "It's always good to see Shady go out there and make some plays ... to see a game where we can get those running backs out there, it was special. With the type of guys we have up front and the type of skill level in the backfield that's something we can continue doing."

Tyrod Taylor: "I don't look back at other years, all we can do is learn from them."

Tyrod Taylor: "The communication between the coaches and players has been open ... we're just doing what it takes to win."


2:00-14:00: Chris Brown outdoor practice update

18:00-43:00: How many teams from AFC East will make the playoffs?

44:00-48:00: Audio from Wednesday's Bills availability - Sean McDermott

1:05:00-1:31:00: Interview with Thurman Thomas

1:37:00-1:46:00: Interview with Andre Holmes

1:53:00-1:57:00: Discussion on Twitter wars, muting

2:12:00-2:23:00: Tyrod Taylor audio

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