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A fascinating inside look at the alien artwork of 'Rick and Morty'

If you’ve left your house in the last couple years, you’ve probably heard everybody raving about Adult Swim’s new show, "Rick and Morty."

It’s a sci-fi comedy cartoon created by and starring Justin Roiland about a mad scientist named Rick and his hilariously bizarre adventures with his grandson, Morty.

"Rick and Morty" features all kinds of strange alien characters, landscapes and technology that challenges the creative muscles of the show’s artists.

"The Art of Rick and Morty" is a new book showcasing the best of "Rick and Morty" artwork, with designs for hundreds of unique aliens, many beautiful alien landscapes, and all kinds of designs for devices and machines.

Many of the drawings in the book never made the cut into the show, and can only be seen in this book.

It shows sketches and doodles done in the notebooks of the show’s artists, who didn’t even share them with the other creators before compiling the book.

The book offers a behind-the-scenes look into the heart of the show.

The creators of "Rick and Morty" are well known for being immensely funny and creative in the oddest way. "The Art of Rick and Morty" provides a peek behind the curtain at this peculiar science fiction, and explains what on earth Roiland was thinking and the thought process behind the strangest aliens ever imagined.

There are creatures in this book that were too weird and nonsensical to be included in the show, and they are seen for the first time in this new art collection.

The art directors and writers provide commentary throughout the book, explaining the creative process from ideas in their heads to sketches to polished and colored computer animations every step along the way. It’s very interesting, as many people might not know things like how the movements of a character’s mouth are mapped and animated.

"The Art of ‘Rick and Morty" is a fantastic art collection from one of America’s favorite shows. Besides all the humor and outlandishness contained in its pages, it’s just a very pretty book. It looks nice on the outside, and has some gorgeous full color artwork of fantasy worlds.

It would make a fine addition to any "Rick and Morty" fan’s collection.

Jack Dudek is a junior at St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute.


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