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Debut novel mixes fantasy, real-life experiences

"The Epic Crush of Genie Lo," written by F.C. Yee, is a spectacular young adult novel packed with action, adventure and an underlying romance.

Between the use of rich Chinese folklore and witty banter, Yee’s debut novel is sure to grab readers, and keep them on the edge of their seats.

The inclusion of a strong, female heroine is a refreshing take on modern literature, and is sure to inspire young women everywhere.

The book is a page-turner, and an excellent match for readers who enjoy fantasy, excitement and a little bit of magic.

While the story may seem more suitable for a children’s book, Yee’s addition of intelligent humor and relatable scenarios keep the book a perfect read for those above the age of 13.

"The Epic Crush of Genie Lo" follows sophomore Eugenia "Genie" Lo, as her structured and academics-driven life is all but shattered by a new student, Quentin Sun. He is a very attractive addition to Santa Firenza Prep, but something about him seems … off.

Through numerous strange and confusing encounters, it is revealed to Genie that Quentin is actually an ancient Chinese deity, and that she is the spiritual reincarnation of his old weapon, one that was supposedly strong enough to knock down the gates of heaven itself.

As she struggles to understand the insanity of it all, she also learns that over 100 demons have mysteriously escaped from the depths of hell, and are now roaming about her town.

With the help of Quentin, she must learn to use her hidden powers, all while trying to maintain her social and academic life.

"The Epic Crush of Genie Lo" features relatable details about pressures from real-life problems, while also drawing the reader into the uncertainty and fantasy of this alternate universe. It is a truly captivating story, from beginning to end.

Taylor Terranova is a sophomore at Cardinal O’Hara High School.


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