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Lehner is Buffalo's 51st fallen police officer

Craig E. Lehner became the 51st Buffalo police officer to die on duty or from injuries suffered while on duty when he drowned Oct. 13 during a police dive team training exercise in the Niagara River. The following are the officers whose death preceded Lehner's drowning, along with their date of death and the circumstances.


Officer Craig E. Lehner

Oct. 13, 2017



Officer Patricia A. Parete

Officer Patricia A. Parete

Feb. 2, 2013

Complications from gunshot wound



Officer James A. Shields

Oct. 30, 2002

Automobile crash



Officer Robert J. McLellan

Feb. 25, 1998

Hit by an automobile

Jennifer McDougald, right, daughter of the late Buffalo Police Officer Charles McDougald, who was killed in 1997, leads the pledge of allegiance at the annual police memorial at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Buffalo on Monday, May 11, 2009. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News file photo)

Officer Charles E. McDougald

April 9, 1997

Gunshot wound

Patrolman Carl O. Reese

Feb. 1, 1977

Heart attack


Patrolman David J. Scime

Sept. 5, 1974

Struck by vehicle during chase

Anthony Scime, on far right, brother of fallen Buffalo Police Officer David Scime, leads the pledge of allegiance during the Buffalo Police Memorial Dedication Ceremony at the Buffalo Convention Center on Jan. 29, 2005. (Buffalo News file photo)

Patrolman Joseph L. O'Neil

Oct. 7, 1970



Patrolman Robert J. Arnold

Jan. 15, 1968



Patrolman William F. Gleisle

Nov. 27, 1967



Patrolman Thomas Dennis Sullivan

Feb. 22, 1954

Car crash


Patrolman Robert H. Good

May 11, 1949

Motorcycle crash


Patrolman Fred Ganter

Dec. 29, 1942

Car crash


Patrolman Louis Vastola

Oct. 30, 1941

Car crash


Det. Frank C. Wypijewski

March 20, 1938

Heart attack


Patrolman Clayton W. Clark

Feb. 8, 1938



Patrolman Anthony H. Brock

Jan. 3, 1937



Patrolman Edmond Lisiecki

Jan. 26, 1936

Motorcycle crash


Lt. George L. Uhl

Aug. 31, 1934



Patrolman Sterling C. Forden

June 23 1934



Patrolman Joseph Striebich

Jan. 21 1934

Hit by vehicle


Patrolman Russell E. Greeley

Nov. 20, 1932



Lt. George T. Miller

Dec. 20, 1931

Hit by vehicle


Patrolman John C. Germain

Aug. 9, 1930

Hit by vehicle


Patrolman Carl L. Wunderlich

Feb. 4, 1930



Patrolman Harold Haltam

Dec. 23, 1928



Patrolman William T. Hunt

Jan. 17, 1924



Lt. Edward Steck

May 22, 1922



Patrolman Emil Woelffel

April 15, 1922

Hit by a train


Patrolman Charles A. Schmitt

Nov. 15, 1921

Hit by vehicle


Patrolman Winfield S. Willis

Aug. 22, 1921



Patrolman Dennis J. Harrington

Oct. 2, 1920

Hit by vehicle


Patrolman Norman R. Hayes

Oct. 20, 1919

Animal-related death


Patrolman Herman A. Radel

July 19, 1919

Car crash


Patrolman Fred J. Pauley

July 19, 1919

Car crash


Det. John M. Dumke

April 20, 1919



Patrolman William J. Clossey

June 13, 1913

Car crash


Patrolman George E. Claus

Nov. 19, 1912



Patrolman Charles E. Schaeffer

Sept. 6, 1911



Patrolman John R. Ogden

July 25, 1911



Patrolman Simon J. Callinan

Oct. 25, 1909

Hit by a train


Patrolman George W. Thomas

Oct. 10, 1909

Heart attack


Patrolman Nicholas Bernard Smith

Sept. 7, 1905



Patrolman Louis D. Wanner

April 5, 1903

Animal-related death


Patrolman Patrick J. Cronin

Aug. 23, 1902

Hit by a train


Patrolman William Dreyer

Nov. 2, 1896

Hit by a train


Sgt. Frederick Brown

June 16, 1896

Hit by a train


Sgt. Timothy J. Cantlin

Jan. 12, 1896



Sgt. Albert A. Thurston

Jan. 11, 1889

Hit by a train


Det. James M. Shepard

Feb. 2, 1887

Structure collapsed


Policeman George Dill

Jan. 10, 1865



Source: Buffalo Police Department


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