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John Murphy Show: Bills WR Deonte Thompson says 'this is a great team'

ESPN football analyst Trey Wingo joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Wednesday.

Wingo discussed the Marshawn Lynch suspension and what it means for the Raiders to lose him against the Bills on Sunday; the "offensive awakening" of the Raiders against the Chiefs; Carson Wentz as a MVP candidate?; the anti-climatic nature of the Patriots-Falcons game; are the Dolphins for real?; and Trey Wingo's thoughts on the current mayhem in Arizona.

Wide receiver Deonte Thompson joined the show to discuss the whirlwind of having his playtime lowered, then being cut in Chicago to joining the Bills and being a key part of the win over Tampa Bay. Thompson also talked about his relationship with Tyrod Taylor, starting in high school at an All-Star game and culminating in last week's game. Thompson talked about the big catch late in the game, his decision-making process coming to Buffalo and the stepping onto the field four days after being signed.

NFL Network's Cynthia Frelund also joined Murphy and Jones, and she talked about analytics — specifically the reason the Bills are 4-2, how Khalil Mack's run stopping is as important as his pass rushing, predicting the touchdown explosion of LeSean McCoy, the fantasy football prospects of individual Bills and the perils of mixing in-studio air conditioning with naturally hot California.


John Murphy Show — Oct. 24, 2017


Deonte Thompson, on if Tyrod Taylor pushed for him in Buffalo: "I don't know — I think so. That's my guy, though. Me and Tyrod go way back .. .we were both on the active roster together [in Baltimore] and we had to get the defense ready."

Deonte Thompson: "I remember Wood was walking up the sideline, saying, 'I don't care what they do, we get the ball and we score a touchdown.' ... We heard a shot call on first down, executed well and made the play."

Deonte Thompson, on Tyrod Taylor's relationship with him: "He used to do freaky things in practice, man ... I was rooting for him from afar, even in Chicago. I think he can be an elite quarterback in this league."

Deonte Thompson: "I can't thank God enough. I thank my teammates and coaches — my teammates were helping me out. Nobody was being selfish — they didn't have to do that, man ... this is a great team, man. Play with their heart — just got to keep stacking [wins]."

Trey Wingo, on Marshawn Lynch's apparent remorse after touching the official: "It's great to show remorse, but at the end of the day the action is the action."

Trey Wingo, on Oakland's offensive balance: "I really think right now until they get more consistency in the blocking game in the run, it's going to be more about throwing the ball."

Trey Wingo, on Carson Wentz's chances as league MVP: "He leads the NFL in touchdowns, leads the league in 3rd down percentage ... we compared that third down escape to Randall Cunningham against Carl Banks."

Trey Wingo, on the Falcons-Patriots game: "The only difference between the two games is that the Falcons didn't have a lead that they agonizingly threw away ... last year they averaged over 34 points a game — this year, 21. We talk about this all the time — coaching matters."

Cynthia Frelund, on analytics of Bills being 4-2: "Really, your defense and your o-line have been really great and really helpful in giving them chances to win."


13:00-27:00: Who will be the new "no name playmaker" for the Bills?

34:00-46:00: Interview with WR Deonte Thompson

52:00-56:00: Discussion of Marshawn Lynch suspension

1:03:00-1:25:00: Interview with ESPN's Trey Wingo

1:52:00-1:54:00: Audio of Leslie Frazier discussing Tre'Davious White

2:05:00-2:20:00: Interview with NFL Network's Cynthia Frelund

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