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Bucky & Sully Show: McDermott says Bills are proud to play for Buffalo

Jonah Bronstein

Western New York has embraced Sean McDermott and the Bills coach has reciprocated the Buffalove in his first year on the job.

“This guy gets it. Capital I-T,” News sports columnist Bucky Gleason said during his weekly radio show with colleague Jerry Sullivan on 1270 The Fan on Monday. “He, more than anybody that I can remember, at least in recent years, is the best fit for the community, probably going back to, I don’t know, Marv Levy? Is it too early to say that?

McDermott called in to Monday’s show to discuss his developing local pride and how he has tried to instill that in his players.

“I believe when you have a team in a particular town like Buffalo, it’s important that you tap into the roots, into the DNA and the internal fabric of the people and what makes this city go,” McDermott said. “With a city like Buffalo, that’s easy to do and all good for our football team.”

Unlike his predecessor, McDermott comes across as genuine in his comments, Gleason said.

“That’s who we are,” McDermott said. “That’s authentic, that’s real and that’s what we are about. I would hope at least that there is not an artificial part about anything that we do. I don’t believe in any of that. What you see is what you get from us.”


In the next segment, Bucky and Sully continued the discussion of how McDermott’s personality fits into the local culture and the important work that the Bills are doing in the community.


For the full show, check out the Facebook Live stream below:



00:00-14:30: Recapping the Bills win over the Bucs

18:00-34:00: World Series talk, more on the Bills

38:30-44:30: Is this Charles Clay’s last year with the Bills?

44:30-55:30: Interview with Sean McDermott

59:30-1:13:30: Reacting to McDermott’s comments, how well he fits in Western New York and the Bills’ work in the community

1:18:00-1:33:40: Sully’s NBA thoughts, bringing conversation back to the Bills

1:37:30-1:53:09: Differences between current and past coaching staffs, breakdown of Bills’ remaining schedule

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