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Letter: Trump is leading U.S. down the wrong path

Trump is leading U.S. down the wrong path

Since Donald Trump has taken over as president only a short time ago, he has managed single-handedly to turn our once proud country into a disaster and a mockery all over the world. He is trying to take away health care from the poor, has discouraged foreigners from coming to the U.S. and has emboldened white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Not only that, but instead of dealing with important topics such as hurricanes and health care, he is wasting his time attacking the media and the NFL with his nonsensical tweeting.

We were used to smooth sailing the past eight years with the successful and prosperous terms of President Barack Obama. It would be a shame to see it ruined with the actions of one buffoon. It’s time to stand up to this tyrant and his deplorable followers before it’s too late.

Marty Farrell

West Seneca

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