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Sean McDermott: New Era Field is like 'heaven for a home team'

After coining the phrase "Defend Our Dirt" to encourage his players to recognize the importance of winning at home, Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott uncorked another slogan worthy of a T-shirt after the Bills' 30-27 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday.

He described New Era Field as "heaven for a home team," citing the enthusiasm of the fans and added, "it's a great marriage with the guys that play so hard and a city that works so hard."

McDermott is the first Bills coach to win the first three home games of his tenure.

"I thought there's a lot of heart on this football team," McDermott said in his opening comments to reporters. "Really, to me, personifies this city, doesn't it. Heart, toughness, blue-collar, and fans stuck with us all day. I thought it was awesome, man. Awesome."

McDermott was asked about being 3-0 at home.

He laughed and said, "I love playing here. I do. These fans, I mean, what more could you ask for? These guys love [the fans], the fans love it, we love it. This is, to me, this is the place to play.

"When you come here, I came here a couple times as an opponent and I know how hard it was. It's like heaven for a home team, in my mind. Coaches, it's fun to coach here. It's fun to play here. It's a great environment. This is what football is supposed to be about, right here."

Asked if the atmosphere at games was even better than what he thought prior to coaching the Bills, McDermott said, "Yeah. I mean, it's been all that. It really has.

"To me, these people have a lot of pride in this city and where they come from and you hope every week we're giving them something to have pride in, in terms of their team [or] one of their teams. That's why these guys play so hard. It's a great deal. It's a great marriage with the guys that play so hard and a city that works so hard. I love it."

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