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The USS Little Rock (1945) vs. the USS Little Rock (2017)

A new USS Little Rock will be commissioned in Buffalo in December, next to the decommissioned World War II-era USS Little Rock that's now a museum ship at Canalside. Here's a look at the two vessels.

USS Little Rock (1945)

Background: The Cleveland class light cruiser was built for World War II. But by the time it began service, the war was ending, and it never saw combat. It was later refitted into a guided missile cruiser.

Built: Construction began with the laying of the keel March 6, 1943, at Cramp Shipbuilding Co., Philadelphia

Commissioned: June 17, 1945

Displacement weight: 10,670 metric tons

Length: 610 feet

Beam: 66 feet

Speed: 32 knots

Draft: 25 feet

Armaments: Four sets of three 6-inch guns, each housed in turrets; six sets of double 5-inch guns in turrets. In addition, 40 mm and 20 mm antiaircraft guns were situated throughout the ship. All of these armaments, with the except a single triple 6-inch gun and one double 5-inch gun in forward turrets, were removed in 1957, when ship was converted into a missile cruiser. Added at that time was the Talos Missile System on the ship's stern.

Crew: 1,400

Decommissioned: Nov. 22, 1976

Station: Arrived August 1977 at the Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park, Canalside.


USS Little Rock LCS 9 (2017)

The LCS9, the future USS Little Rock. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)

Background: Part of the Navy's newest generation of ships, known as littoral combat ships. With open spaces in the ship, it can be quickly fitted for different types of missions. Its design allows it to enter shallow waters, enabling access to ports where the Navy's larger ships cannot navigate.

See how the LCS 9 –- which will become the USS Little Rock when it's commissioned in Buffalo next month -- and a new generation of Navy combat ships known as the littoral comb… 

Built: Construction began with laying of keel on June 27, 2013, at Fincantieri Marinette Marine Shipyard, Marinette, Wis.

Commissioning: Expected in December at Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park, Canalside.

Displacement weight: 3,400 metric tons

Length: 389 feet

Beam: 57 feet

Speed: 45 knots

Draft: 13.5 feet

Armaments: 57 mm gun; Hellfire missiles, SeaRAM anti-ship missiles; two 30 mm chain guns; missile-armed Sikorski SH-60 helicopter; six 50-caliber machine gun stations;  mine-hunting weaponry, two smaller rigid-hulled inflatable boats outfitted with arms.

Crew: 70 core members; 28-member aviation detachment

Station: Mayport, Fla.

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