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Letter: West Seneca taxpayers are outraged over hikes

West Seneca taxpayers are outraged over hikes

The three so-called sovereigns in a room, making all the decisions for the Town of West Seneca, must stop thinking merely about themselves. We all saw the hundreds of people lining up at Town Hall at the last board meeting, proving that taxpayers like myself are fuming over the proposed 12 percent tax hike.

Last year, the supervisor had the audacity to suggest a 30 percent raise for herself in 2017 for a part-time job. Do officials think taxpayers are supposed to be happy that she incurred “only” an 18 percent pay increment? I believe it was her scheme the entire time. Maybe imposing seven times the New York State tax cap is just some other secret plan, to make taxpayers swallow her overspending with less than 12 percent growth.

There is an absolute nerve for the board to suggest seven times the governor’s tax cap, when just a tiny increase, 1.9 percent, would disqualify the residents of a New York State tax refund in 2018. This blatant disregard for fiscal soundness should require our governor to mandate a state oversight control board.

How can officials look in the mirror after cutting the Peer Counseling program, when West Seneca is the hub of the opiate deaths in Erie County? I worked for the town for almost 30 years. After leaving, I was perplexed the 40-year-old school-based Peer Counseling program was cut. The cost was minimal, with the state and school paying for half.

The state tax cap is a wonderful idea to encourage people to stay in New York State. The governor needs to intervene.

Mark Lazzara

West Seneca

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