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Letter: Trump is terribly busy tweeting, playing golf

Trump is terribly busy tweeting, playing golf

About two weeks ago, someone wrote in to this column complaining about how badly President Trump is being treated by the “fake press” and liberal Democrats.

I have to agree with him; poor Trump has it very hard under the pressure he has to endure. All that tweeting takes a lot out of a man. Consider the problems he has with North Korea, health care and the Puerto Rico disaster. It’s no wonder he has to take so many golf weekends – the man needs his rest.

One of his biggest problems is keeping his Cabinet under control. His appointees spend too much time visiting foreign countries on the taxpayers’ dollar, and, luckily, he’s going to stop that.

In fact, Trump is so busy cussing out football players he has forgotten all about Puerto Rico, so you can see how the pressure is taking its toll on him. Happy tweeting, Mr. President, and God bless America. We certainly need it!

Paul V. Pera


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