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Letter: Protest is clearly aimed at the flag

Protest is clearly aimed at the flag

In the Oct. 15 Viewpoints section, columnist Clarence Page claimed that the recent protests by NFL players during the national anthem are being “misinterpreted” as being against the flag and anthem. Hillary Clinton recently said the same thing. They are the latest in a line of excuse-makers attempting to defend the protest by absurdly saying that what we see is not really happening.

The idea that a protest that begins upon the presentation of the flag and the playing of the anthem isn’t directed at those things is illogical. Colin Kaepernick, when interviewed right after his first protest (where he sat, not kneeled) expressly stated, “I’m not going to show pride in a flag ...” Writing the day after, the liberal Salon magazine called it a “national anthem protest.” Both said it directly, and those who have joined in own it.

Players who protest and those who defend it have a right to their position, and people on the other side can disagree with it. Time, discussion and even history may provide the answer as to which side is correct. But it’s dishonest to say it isn’t about the flag and anthem. The originator of it all, and a prominent defender in the media, said it was, unequivocally. If protesters honestly believe that dishonoring each is an effective way to make a point on a matter of admittedly great social importance, stand by it. Just don’t insult the rest of us by denying the obvious.

Gary Brignone


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