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Letter: Parents need to stop coddling their children

Parents need to stop coddling their children

Throughout human history, there has always been a battle of the sexes when it came to raising our offspring. I am sure when Mr. Ugh wanted to take Ugh Jr. on a hunt, Mrs. Ugh wanted to protect her child from the cold and cruel world. As Mr. Ugh’s job was to bring home the dinner, he ignored those pleadings and exposed his child to the dangers he would have to face someday. Those adventures to take care of the family did not always turn out well. The children who survived those forays into the real world learned valuable lessons on what it took to survive in what could be a cruel world.

Fast forward thousands of years and you now have a very different environment. Today Mr. and Mrs. Ugh leave the cave to put food on the table. The idea of allowing today’s children the opportunity to explore and challenge themselves and yes, fail, is no longer an option as parents hover over every aspect of their child’s life from homework to sports and any other possibly stressful situation. From back rubs at college to comfort dogs in high school, children are sheltered from the stresses and sometimes painful experiences that would prepare them to deal with the pressures we all face eventually.

So as the number of drug-related deaths soars and suicide takes an ever larger number of young lives, maybe it is time to rethink this child-rearing philosophy. Next time someone asks how we stop this epidemic of death, maybe the answer isn’t more money and counseling but a return to the days when children were allowed to fail and fall down and confront bullies themselves. It wasn’t a perfect system, but what passes for parenting today really isn’t working out to well either.

Hank Olejniczak


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