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Letter: ‘Made in America’ label covers a lot of territory

‘Made in America’ label covers a lot of territory

The next time you see or hear a commercial announcing that a product is “made in America,” let the buyer beware! America is huge, and it has two distinct sections: North America and South America.

Boasting that a product is “made in America” covers a lot of ground. What you probably want is something “made in the USA.”

There is a difference. While the United States is in America, lots of places (that is, countries) are also in America but obviously not in the United States, such as Canada, Mexico and Nicaragua.

Once I got burned – OK, misled – buying a new car. The television salesman did a video walk-around of this new irresistible beauty. Then he slammed the door and said, “It’s made in America.”

That did it. I bought the car. As I was admiring my new purchase, I happened to read the sticker. Talk about “sticker shock.” This one said: Assembled in Canada.

Not too bad. Canada is nearby and Canadians are friendly. But I thought I was getting a car made in America. Did I mention, buyer beware?

David F. Quagliana


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